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The privacy policy below outlines the information that Luna Rose Events & Weddings may ask you to provide and how we store personal information. Luna Rose Events adheres to the Data Protection Act (2018) see more here:


 Luna Rose Events & Weddings will only request information that is relevant to your inquiry and essential for the mailing list. All information is confidential and only used by Luna Rose Events & Weddings and if necessary our 3rd parties Luna Rose Events & Weddings will use the information for an internal record keeping and follow up with requests. Luna Rose Events & Weddings may use your email address to send you information on promotions and new products if you have signed up to the mailing list.

If you have signed up to our mailing list we will hold your data indefinitely, but you can request to be removed at any time, and if so we will remove your information from our systems within 7 days.


You may request to see any information that we hold regarding yourself at any point under the Data Protection Act   (2018) Luna Rose Events & Weddings will not share your information with any third party. If you have given us prior   permission to hold your data, you may change your mind at any time. Also, if you believe we may be holding incorrect data   you can ask us to update and we will do so promptly.

The information that Luna Rose Events & Weddings collects using the contact form is listed below as:

  • Name

  • Contact information – email/phone number

  • Wedding/event details

  • Other relevant information

 The contact us form on our site is from WIX.  Any data collected is sent directly to us. And to the email address . we do not share this information with third parties. It is simply sent to me, saved securely on a private system and then used by only Natalie Ryan to contact you regarding your inquiry. The time we keep it for will be based on whether you use our services or not. If you do not use our services we will delete all correspondence and data on our devices within the date of your planned event or wedding. If Luna rose events & weddings services are used, we will keep your information for two years. Any reviews or photographs of your event or wedding (with approval from you) will be kept unless notified to remove.


Luna Rose Events & Weddings uses Visitor Analytics to learn how and where our visitors view our site however we do not collect any personal data or URLS of the user and therefore do not track WHO has been on the site. We also have the VR pixel installed, this is to engage and promote our services to those seeking an event & wedding planner.

  • Google analytics- we use this to keep up to date with our website and see what is interesting to our visitors, we collect location of users and how many have visited & what parts/pages of the site, no personal identification is collected.

  • Facebook Pixel - we use this to help potential clients and customers find our website easily. we do not collect any personal data.


  • Gmail – Luna Rose Events uses gmail to contact clients via email, we use a 2 step- verification in order to gain access to any information- for more information please visit.

  • G Suite (by google) - we use G Suite and our IT Systems to keep your personal information stored safely all files are encrypted and made only accessible by Natalie Ryan.

  • Newsletter/subscription email - Ascend tools by Wix. This helps me keep all my subscribers up to date using my newsletter and email subscription. this only collects personal data of those who have submitted a contact me form or a subscribe for visitors it collects location & page views on the site.


  • Facebook- our Luna Rose events page is kept up to date and full of our offers. If we are lucky enough to work with you and provide our services to your event or wedding day. We will only share any photos or personal information with your written consent and approval. We never use your full names on any of our posts inc:  Pinterest, Instagram and our blog pages and posts.

  • Instagram – Just like Facebook we would not share any of your information, photos or videos of your wedding day/ event without written consent.

  • Pinterest – we love to share all the events we've worked on, on our Pinterest, again this is only with my clients written consent.

  • Luna Rose Blog posts-Writing a blog is something Luna Rose Events loves to do! Sharing your special moments, clients that want to be part of any blog posts will have signed written consent to share any images/ video and details of their day.


You have the right to request removal of any images/ video or details of your day, we love being able to share all the couples and clients we have worked with, however we fully understand you may want to keep this private, we kindly ask you consider how we love to share our creations and show future potential clients what we're all about.

For any more information or to request removal of personal details either on our files or website/social pages please email: or call: 07449341170

Our aim is to remove those requested within 72 hours.


Luna Rose Events & Weddings cares about all our clients and website visitors , we do not share your information with third parties unless written consent has been made. Should a breach happen we would assess and do our best to rectify, notify you as soon as possible if this is applicable and law abiding. Our next step with serious breaches is to inform the ICO within 72 hours to adhere to GDPR laws & Regulations.


"Hi Natalie Ryan here, owner of Luna Rose Events & Weddings -I want to reassure my clients and website visitors that you are safe, I abide by GDPR LAWS and the DATA PROTECTION ACT 2018, I hope my privacy policy has given you a confident insight to how I manage & store your data. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information at :"

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